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Maintaining a long mane!

This blog explains how we maintain the mane of our lovely pony Timmy.

Firstly wash the mane with your favourite horsey shampoo. (This may not be done every time the mane is replaited as it is not good to wash the mane too often!)

Throughly rinse the mane to insure all the shampoo is out, reducing the risk of irritation which can lead to mane itching.

Dry the mane either with a towel, solarium or wait for the mane to air dry.

Carefully comb through the mane, I like to use a wide tooth comb as I think it reduces breakage of the hair. Start combing in small sections from the ends of the mane and work you way up.

Section the mane into equal sections and band them.

Then work down the mane plaiting each section to the very end, I like to fold over the end of the mane into the band to protect the very ends of the mane.

When all the sections are plaited, if you have a horse with a long mane and rubs on the shoulder of the rug, I find folding the plait in half and securing it with two bands reduces breakage. (As shown in the image below.)

Plaiting the mane regularly (and washing it every now and then) reduces the chance of knots and tangles, rubbing from the rug at the shoulder and also horses getting too in the summer!

I hope this blog has been useful!

Suzannah @missy.hollins equestrian

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