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Suzannah Offley & Cliffhollins Mystry
British Dressage National Championships 2018

My passion for equestrianism started when I helped out at my local riding school, coming from a non-horsey background I have always had to work hard to get where I am. Fast forward a few years, I became a competitive dressage rider, taking my happy hacker fell pony to many National Championships. My desire to work within the industry was my fuel to keep working hard, I then had the opportunity to become head girl and show groom at Eilberg dressage (Olympians!).

However, as time went on my yard and show outfits couldn’t withstand the demanding lifestyle. This is when Missy.hollins was born, I started designing and sampling leggings and fell in love with what I had created. My mission was to create garments that can look professional, but have all the features to make sure performance is not hindered. With our first launch we had sold out within two months, and we relaunched with many new colours and sizes, they quickly became our best sellers.
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